The praise for Truffle & Wine Co.’s black truffles from chefs across Asia, Europe and North America is consistently positive; amazing quality, aroma and taste equal to, or better than any European truffle.

peter gilmore

“Having used truffles for many years, I am acutely aware that not all truffles of the same species are similar. Location, season, grading and handling, packaging and freight all have an impact on the quality of the Truffle that ends up in my kitchen."

“Three years ago I visited The Truffle & Wine Co.'s truffière at Manjimup in Western Australia. I like to know where the produce I use comes from and the conditions under which it is grown. Fourteen years ago host trees were inoculated with Perigord Black Truffle spores and today The Truffle & Wine Co. is producing tuber melanosporum, which is sold to the best restaurants around the world."

“The Manjimup area is known as a pristine horticultural area with a long history of producing high quality fresh food – and Manjimup truffles do not disappoint in this regard!"

“I have been using these superior Perigord truffles from The Truffle & Wine Co. since that visit and have found the quality of the truffles to be consistent and as good as any truffles from Europe, with a lovely distinctive earthy aroma. "The grading and quality control is excellent and within a few days of ordering I receive truffles in perfect condition." - Peter Gilmore | Quay


reter rudolph jesse mallgren craig strong

“The smell and taste of the Australian truffle has a true authenticity to it, I am very satisfied with them. The possibilities for new dishes with summer flavors and fresh black truffles is very exciting. It is going to change the way I look at summer menus.”
Chef Peter Rudolph
Madera Restaurant | Rosewood Sand Hill, California, USA

“Aussie truffles are fresher than any truffles from Europe, they do not have a lot of middlemen who delay the truffles reaching your door. Now I can serve truffles and corn and still be seasonal.”
Chef Jesse Mallgren
Madrona Manor | Healdsburg, California, USA

“I love using Australian truffles in our summer. It’s exciting to have fresh truffles with summer corn, fava beans, sweet peas. Finding great quality ingredients
is the most important part of being a chef and this adds one more element to my summer menus.”
Chef Craig Strong
Studio Restaurant | Montage Laguna Beach, California, USA

clayton miller jonathan lane josiah citrin

“These are some of the best winter truffles I’ve seen in several years. Great taste and beautiful aroma”
Chef Clayton Miller
Trummers on Main | Clifton, Virginia USA

“I have worked in some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world so I have used a lot of truffles. When I opened Benny’s I discovered Frank's Australian Périgord truffles – I knew I only wanted the best for the restaurant and these truffles were perfect – the price and quality of the truffles are over the top”
Chef Jonathan Lane
Benny’s Chop House | Chicago, USA

“I am having a fun time with the
Australian Black truffles. The flavor
and aroma is spectacular. I love the fact that Australian truffles are available when the French are not and that there is no difference in flavour, and my guests are enjoying them as well.”
Chef Josiah Citrin
Melisse | Santa Monica, California, USA