• Welcome to The Truffle & Wine Co.

    The Truffle & Wine Co. is the largest producer of Superior Perigord Truffles in the world.

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  • Join in the excitement of the hunt

    The Truffle & Wine Co. is one of the few Truffières in the world where you can participate in the excitement of a guided truffle hunt and you can discover how we locate the rare and wondrous black truffle

  • Fresh Truffles

    Freshly harvested Superior Perigord Truffles from Manjimup. Perfect for your next culinary adventure. Our truffles are destined for fine dining restaurants in Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide as well as being shipped around the world.

  • Affordable delicacy

    We produce Superior Perigord truffles, which are known the world over as a rare and expensive gourmet delicacy. Whilst it is true that truffles are rare, they are not as expensive as we are lead to believe. Truffles do not need to be purchased by the kilo, and you generally only require around 10grams of truffle per person per dish, making them a perfectly affordable delicacy.